Speak English fluently and effectively

If you are an English learners struggling to speaking English fluently, then you are not alone. If you worry about using the wrong words or grammar in conversations… And if you want to know how you can finally speak English fluently without hesitation or fear… then this maybe one of the most important article for you.

Speak English fluently and effectively

100 lessons of speaking topics for you to learn everyday English conversation to improve your speaking skills as well as to speak English fluently. You can study all the lessons one by one. There is an English conversation with audio in each lesson. The Language Note is useful for you to understand the use of English in each conversation. You should do the exercise at the end of the lesson to check how much you understand it.

 Speaking Topics – Level 1
Where are you from? Can I have your name?
Introduce a friend Asking for more information
Your English is very good Did you have a good weekend?
That sounds interesting This is our new house
Do you want something to drink? How much and How many?
Can I make an appointment? How to bargain in English?
Talking about a holiday Ordering and Buying in English
Talking about likes and dislikes At the restaurant
At the airport check in counter  What are the people wearing?
Happy Birthday Lucy


Speaking Topics – Level 2
Talking about locations Speaking on the phone
Talking about things and stuff Have you got any brothers and sisters?
Describing people’s characteristics Showing interest in a conversation
Talking about life Would you mind opening the door?
Have you ever been to the Taj Mahal? Giving advice and suggestions
An accident at home Making a complaint in English
Are there any restaurant near here? Agreeing, Disagreeing and Giving Opinions in English
Describing a picture Visiting family
At the shopping center Talking about abilities
Asking someone to explain Expressing Possibility
Expressing thanks  Comparing
Talking about family Asking for directions
 Asking for favours Giving directions
Talking about hobbies Talking about weather
Talking about feeling and health I am getting fat
Talking about occupations Making plans for the weekend
 Asking for repetition I changed my mind
Talking about future Requesting
 New apartment Birthday present
Talking about now or later Sending a package
Ordering food Putting things in order
Asking about location Inviting
Do you know the address Offering
Going to library Meeting a friend
Talking about vacation Ordering flowers
Making suggestion Listening to music
Wh-questions Taking a taxi
The supermarket is closed Taking pictures
A family trip Help me find my purse
Making hotel reservation I brought you some oranges
Invitation to a dinner Have you found a girl friend yet?
Studying for exams Giving opinions
I am a student Agreeing and disagreeing
What is your major? Asking permissions
What kind of music do you like? Tag questions
Where do your parent live? Asking for and giving advice
Do you know how to get to downtown? Accepting and refusing
Computer problems Going to the gym
I will take you to work Do you want to play a game?
It’s snowing outside Checking in a hotel
A romantic story Sending a receiving emails
 I dropped the calculator He works at a software company


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