Did you have a good holiday?


In this lesson, You will hear a conversation between 2 persons talking about what happened on the holiday. You will then learn to use the Past Tense in English.

A Hello. Did you have a good holiday?
B Yes, we did, thanks. It was great.
A Where did you go?
B We went on a cruise in the Caribbean.
A Wonderful. Where did you get on the boat?
B In Florida. We flew to Miami.
A Was the flight OK?
B Well, yes, but we had a bit of a problem because we forgot the tickets. We left them on the kitchen table.
A Oh no. When did you realize that?
B We were at the airport.
A What did you do?
B Luckily, our daughter lives near us. So we phoned her and she went to the house, and drove to the airport with the tickets.
A That wasn’t a good start to a holiday.
B No, it wasn’t.
A Did you miss the plane?
B Yes, we did, but they put us on another plane, so it wasn’t too bad, and we didn’t miss the boat in Florida.
A That’s good.


Topic Questions

  • Did you have any holiday this year or last year?
  • Where did you go?
  • Did you have any good things on your holiday?
  • Did you have any problems on a holiday?
  • How did you solve the problem?
  • Was it a good holiday?

Write your holiday that you remember in the comment box below.


Language Note:

Travel words with “go”

go on holiday

go on a cruise

go by train

go by car

go to England

go to the airport

BUT: go camping, go skiing, go shopping


Learn more:



Are the statements True or False?

1. They went camping.
2. They went to the Caribbean.
3. They flew to Miami
4. They lost their passport.
5. The left their tickets at home.
6. They phoned their daughter.
7. Their neighbor brought the tickets.
8. They missed the boat.

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