How much and How many

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In this lesson we will learn to use How much and How many in English conversation. How to use How much and How many with countable and uncountable nouns? What is the difference? Listen to the conversation below and repeat.

A What’s that?
B It’s a questionaire from the doctor. It’s about my diet.
A Uh-huh. “What do you eat and drink in a week?” Number one: How much butter and cheese do you eat?
B Not much.
A Not much? You have a cheese sandwich every day, and you always have a lot of cheese and butter in it.
A Number two: How many cakes and biscuits do you eat?
B Not many.
A Not many? You normally have three or four biscuits with a cup of coffee, and you eat a lot of cakes, too. And…
B Where are you going?
A You can fill in the questionaire. I’m going to get some food.


Language Note:

We use How much and How many to ask for the amount or numbers of something.

We use How much + uncountable nouns

How much food do we have?

How much housework she does a day?

How much chocolate do you eat?


We use How many + plural nouns

How many letters did you write yesterday?

How many countries have you been to?

How many days are you going to stay in Hawaii?


Learn more


How much and How Many – Exercise

1. How _____ people live in this city?
2. How _____ water is in the ocean?
3. How _____ bottles of wine are there on the table?
4. How _____ money in the bank?
5. How _____ sand is in the desert?
6. How _____ cars do they produce a year?
7. How _____ information do they need?
8. How _____ bikes are there in the garden?
9. How _____ petrol do we use everyday?
10. How _____ feet do you have?

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