Your English is very good


In this lesson, you will learn to introduce yourself and nationality. Listen to a conversation between a man and a woman. Pay attention to their name, their nationality and the countries that they talk about. Click on the sentence to hear the conversation sentence by sentence.

A Brad Churchill, nice to meet you.
B Sue Takahashi. Nice to meet you, too.
A Your English is very good!
B Thanks, but I’m from Canada.
A Oh, I’m sorry. But Takahashi is a Japanese name.
B Yes, my family is from Japan, but I’m Canadian.
A Ah. Yes, my name’s Churchill, very English! But I’m Australian, from Sydney.
B Oh, I know Sydney.
A Really? Hey, let’s go and have a coffee.
B OK, yeah



Choose the correct answer.

1. Hello, I ______ Sarah.
2. Liz _____ English. She’s from the USA.
3. Is Alice a singer? Yes, ______
4. Are you from Saudi Arabia? No, I ______
5. They ______ in Paris on holiday.
6. ______ a good conference?
7. They’re from Portugal. They ______ from Brazil
8. Where ______ Tilla and James from?
9. Are you a teacher? Yes, I ______
10. Is it OK? Yes, it ______

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